What If Wellness Were Like Brushing Your Teeth?

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Here’s my reply to a LinkedIn Holistic Health & Wellness Group post that asked how we can turn people from “toxic couch potatoes” into “committed health nuts.”

Let’s reframe the question without judgemental terms like “toxic couch potato” and “committed health nut.”

I, for one, don’t care if people turn into committed health nuts. I’d be happy if most people simply consistently upped their level of physical activity in whatever way suited them best.

Perhaps if we stopped demanding personal transformation and treated fitness more like brushing your teeth we’d get better results.

For example: We don’t demand that people turn into “dental hygiene fanatics” – yet daily tooth-brushing has a very high adherence rate among most U.S. adults.

That’s true even though most folks don’t find the process particularly rewarding. They’re not dramatically motivated by fear of an eventual possible cavity. It’s just one more of the tedious but essential daily tasks that pretty much everyone does without thinking much about it. Like doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, cleaning the catbox and so on.

If we can crack the code on toothbrushing, why not wellness? What would we do differently if we approached wellness like brushing your teeth?

Post your thoughts below (and your email stays private, always).