Is Your SEO, PPC & Facebook Advertising Falling Behind?

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Google and Facebook constantly change the SEO and PPC rules. That’s why health clubs, fitness boutiques, yoga studios, employee wellness providers, wellness centers and medical practices can’t “set it and forget it.”

Costs your wellness business money, makes you invisible

Pretty much everyone finds your business online. But if your organic and paid online presence isn’t following Google’s guidelines, you’re invisible, and then no one will find you.

You won’t get quality search traffic. Your PPC ads are less likely to show, and cost you more when they do appear. And you don’t get to show up in Google’s extremely influential “local 3-pack.”

Same thing when Facebook makes a change. Some changes make your ads instantly less effective, like the loss of Partner Categories. We discuss that change below. You don’t want to miss out on new features, either. If your ads don’t take prompt advantage of them, your business will fall behind competitors who do start using them.

Now is a good time to make sure your own SEO and Google Ads/Facebook Ads consultants are anticipating changes. They should discuss them with you, and proactively optimize your website’s on-page and off-page SEO and content. They should also proactively optimize your pay-per-click campaigns.

Over recent months, we’ve been tuning our own clients’ websites and campaigns in anticipation of these (and other!) changes:

Google SEO algorithm changes

Google averages over 500 algorithm changes each year. These directly affect where your site is ranked on search engine results pages.

  • The HTTPS update in July that penalizes non-HTTPS sites after nearly a year’s worth of warnings that HTTPS was non-negotiable
  • Another July update that penalized slow mobile sites
  • The August “MEDIC” update which seems to have disproportionately affected health and wellness businesses

New Google Ads features

We’ve also been updating Google Ads campaigns to make full use of these new features so our clients get maximum bang for the buck:

  • The introduction of up to 3 headlines and 2 description lines in text ads and responsive ads
  • Automated testing of different combinations PLUS the ability to restrict certain combinations for legal or regulatory reasons — extra helpful for some of our medical clients
  • Expanded description character counts — woohoo!
  • The use of “life events” like weddings in campaign targeting
  • Special targeting of people who are this-close to making a purchase, vs just conducting research
  • Location links right next to your YouTube video — makes it likelier you get the visit
  • Use of improved landing page and ad relevance data

Latest Facebook feature additions and deletions

On the Facebook side, we’ve been optimizing campaigns for a combination of new features and some new restrictions, as well:

  • The loss of valuable Facebook hyper-targeting abilities for things like type of car, tax bracket and more
  • The new ability to use Facebook Pixel to get data on how your Facebook Group is actually driving activity on your website
  • The arrival of more tracking events, including “start trial” and “schedule”

If you’re not sure how your ad campaigns and SEO performance stack up against all these changes, just give us a call at (972) 851-0098.