Detailed Obesity Tip Sheet For Health, Wellness Staff

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This obesity tip sheet is an excellent resource for your fitness, wellness or health staff that work with folks who are obese. Compiled by the Bariatric Resource Team of Alberta Health Services, this obesity tip sheet includes recommendations specific to those clients who are obese or severely overweight. Many people living with obesity experience significant physical limitations that can be addressed with appropriate physical therapeutic approaches.

Includes Some Unexpected Considerations

Although it was written for physiotherapists, anyone working with a bariatric group can utilize these suggestions. Less experienced staff may inadvertently overlook the significant physical limitations that people living with obesity experience and prescribe exercise routines that don’t take this into account. And even experienced staff may learn something new (e.g. balance issues, new problems that arise after significant weight loss and use of assistive aids).

Print or save the Obesity Tip Sheet.

The sheet includes recommendations on the following topics:

  • challenges with movement, pain or daily function
  • obesity related co-morbidities that affect daily function
  • energy management
  • posture and positioning issues
  • activity counseling needs
  • equipment issues
  • access to community resources