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As wellness professionals, you know how important nutrition awareness and education — particularly the role of simple carbs — are in the first step to lifestyle changes. The scientists behind know it too.

Evidence-based data you can trust

infographic froom - added is a new website created by a group of scientists who have sifted through the thousands of research studies on the impact that added sugar has on our health and consolidated the data into one, research-based, easy-to-use, website. They’ve saved us the trouble of having to look at WHO conducted the research, because they have only included those findings from truly objective sources.

Many of your clients are challenged by heart disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease or obesity, and so you’ve probably included the role nutrition plays in these diseases into your educational programming. And even if your clientele tend to be on the super fit and healthy side, chances are, if they live in the U.S., they’re consuming too much sugar.

Resource Kit: Education Made Easy

Their site isn’t just page after page of research articles. They’ve bundled infographics into resource kits which make it easy for users to download what they want and disseminate the information to their audience. Need graphics for your next presentation (think PowerPoint), client consultation or educational seminar? Choose from a library of graphics—and there’s videos to choose from too. You can also use the online-ready images on your website or for your social media campaign. Plus, you can use the print-ready graphics in your own hand-outs, flyers, or to post on your bulletin boards.

The best part? It’s all free (read the user guide).