Try This: Can 318,000 People Be Wrong?

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Would it reassure you to know that 318,000 people made the same purchase you’re considering?


For most of us, knowing that LOTS of other people bought the same thing we’re buying suggests strongly that people love this thing. In fact, quite a few of those sales are probably to people who liked it so much they came back for more.

Here’s a great example I found some years ago in a clothing catalog!

The ad copy tells us that they’ve sold over 318,000 of these sweaters and that it’s been a bestseller for 11 years. That information absolutely calms any doubts about whether we’ll be happy with it.

Your wellness business can use this type of marketing factoid very successfully:

# of members, clients, students or customers served

# of miles run or walked or cycled

# of pounds lost by all of your clients in total

# of total workouts by all members

# of apples eaten by your customers in a year

# of pounds of fruits and veggies eaten by your customers

# of people in your healthy lifestyles program who dropped one or more medication

And so on.

A reasonable estimate of the quantity is fine. You don’t need surgical precision here. You can state it as “Over 2000….” or as “2000+.”

You can start counting from the time your business opened. Or for the last twelve months, or the last 30 days. Or for a particular class or program.

Give it a try. Most of you will be shocked at how large the number sounds –  even if you’re a small one-location business!