Spot-On Branding Plus Other Fitness Videos

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You don’t have to have a national television ad budget to learn something from the fitness videos below. Maybe you have a YouTube channel or want to develop one for your yoga studio. Maybe you post videos on your wellness business Facebook page. Take a look at these short advertisements and see what you think works and what doesn’t. Would any of these approaches work for your business?

Take a look at Planet Fitness ads. They’re great ads and here’s why: Planet Fitness knows who they are and who they’re selling to and their videos exemplify this. Their ads continue to be top-notch examples of excellent fitness branding.

Now, contrast the Planet Fitness ad with this ad from Life Time Fitness.

It’s clear they’ve gone with what they hope will be inspiring (although some may find it intimidating). They’ve cast a wide net for potential clients. The problem is that it probably doesn’t really resonate with anyone.

LA Fitness has a video advertising its other videos. And it’s actually quite clever. It does a good job of showcasing what viewers can expect if they subscribe to the LA Fitness video channel. Of course, subscribing to their video channel isn’t the same as becoming an actual gym member. I think LA Fitness has the same problem that other big gym chains have — they’re trying to capture every possible segment with a single marketing message.

In this ad, Anytime Fitness explains why “anytime” is part of its name and why this is a benefit to its customers (although it’s a bit odd it starts off with a scene that is clearly not inside Anytime Fitness):

Here’s more on how to make and use videos for your wellness business.