Winterize Your Wellness or Fitness Business For Season-Ready Customer Service

Winter is here. Oh sure, the calendar says it’s still a few weeks away. R-i-g-h-t. The temperatures have dropped and the holiday season is in full swing. It’s also cold season and flu season. It’s also that time of year when folks feel too busy to workout. It might not have happened yet, but eventually the gray skies and the freezing temperatures make some of us sluggish and unmotivated.

Go from ordinary customer service to season-ready customer service with just a few tweaks. Here are some ways you can make your healthy lifestyle business a welcoming oasis in the midst of challenging weather and the chaotic holiday season.

Spread Cheer Not Germs

Reminding folks about how NOT to spread germs is effective on two fronts: First, it says to the more germ-phobic folks that you’re creating a clean space for them – and they will appreciate that. Second, it alerts the germ-oblivious people to be considerate of others and protect themselves too. Here’s more on how to get the message across to both men and women (it’s not the same) plus a set of free posters you can print and hang now.

Marketing for the Season

During the holidays, people are looking for discounts and gift ideas. Your marketing, services and retail products need to be adjusted accordingly. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

It Might Be Cozy Inside, But Folks Have to Get There First

You might think that since your health club or fitness center is climate controlled that you don’t need to make any changes just because the seasons have changed. Think again. Your customers shoveled the driveway, braved the icy roads, or dashed through the driving rain to get to your front doors. Here are some easy and inexpensive perks you can offer your customers for various climate conditions.

Enlightening Seasonal Seminars

People expect to hear about weight loss, exercise, and diet during the holidays and especially as we get closer to making New Year’s resolutions. And those are valid and important topics for healthy lifestyle businesses. But consider going beyond the expected subjects to create awareness for other health issues.

A good candidate for a winter awareness campaign is SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Diagnosing and treating this disorder may be beyond the scope of your expertise or services, but simply providing information about it could be helpful to many of your clients.

Another good topic this time of year is safety. Research info on seasonal safety like cold weather preparation tips, kid safety tips, flu prevention, antibiotic cautions and more.