Try This: Let Your Fitness and Wellness Competitors Make You Look Good

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You offer extraordinary wellness services, right? You’ve got unique fitness and healthy living programs that your competitors can’t touch. Hey, that’s great. Now, prove it.

Positioning Your Wellness Business vs Competitors

You can frame the way your customers think about the competitors by telling them who to check out.

Do you want to be compared to personal training and gym memberships? Or rehab and physical therapy and chiropractic? Dietitians or wellness coaches or diabetes management programs?

This approach lets YOU set the frame of reference. Want to position yourself as a wellness center, not a chiropractor? Here’s your chance.

The image above shows how Saddleback Leather Co. takes total control of how folks perceive their products. It’s not modest, it’s bold. It’s not subtle, it’s direct. They’re naming names. They’ve changed their website since then, but you get the idea.

A good starting point is to build a competitor checklist. This step-by-step, how-to will help you identify your competitive advantages and which other businesses really fit the same category of services that you offer.

Once you’ve got your checklist, you’ll be more confident.  You’ll know which names to name. By telling them who to compare your services to, you’re ensuring that it’s an apples-to-apples comparison.