Being Fat Is Like…

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Before you start blaming clients for being unmotivated, self-destructive, and (say it out loud, you know you’re thinking it)… fat, think about this:

What it’s like being fat

It’s like being lost at night in a big city.

  • It’s more than a little frightening
  • It isn’t your fault
  • It didn’t happen all at once
  • It didn’t happen on purpose
  • You don’t remember how you got there
  • You definitely don’t want to be there
  • You feel like you’re running out of options
  • The wrong move could be dangerous, and
  • You could really use a map

A perspective that restores compassion and insight, I think.

We originally wrote this for a Radial client who wishes to be unnamed. They felt it was so powerful that it should be shared. Much appreciation for their willingness to do so.

(Photo credit: Maureen Burke)