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How Much Expertise Should We Share Without Charging For It?

Convincing potential customers that you can help them nearly always requires sharing your expertise at no charge before they buy. This kind of expertise-sharing usually...

Watch The Damn Game! Reality-Based Management Practices For Wellness Businesses

It's not enough to love your wellness business. Not enough to be a fan. (more…)
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Top Revenue Growth Strategies For Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Businesses

So you want revenue growth in your wellness business. More customers? Different customers? New programs? What's the best answer? (more…)

5 Reasons Why Failure Should Be Part of Your Club’s Online Business Strategy

There's an old saying: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn." Is failure part of your wellness business or health club's online marketing strategy? If not,...

Uncovering Customer Motivation: Eight Vital Questions

We always ask fitness, nutrition and wellness clients why their customers buy from them. But what do we really know about customer motivation? (more…)

Is Your Wellness Business Prepared for a Cybersecurity Breach?

Is your health club ready for a cybersecurity breach? Cybersecurity's "three R's" are the foundation for every plan that addresses potentially disastrous outside threats. (more…)
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Build A Wellness Business Plan That Lets You Sleep At Night

Even experienced wellness managers make these ten common mistakes in creating and developing their business plan. Watch out for "to versus through", invisible businesses, plus...
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How to Leverage Online Reviews: Power Tips for Health and Wellness Businesses

Reviews should be the #1 marketing priority for gyms, health clubs, yoga, weight loss, healthy lifestyle coaching, medical practices and pretty much every other local...

The 2019 Small Business Guide to Health, Fitness & Wellness Marketing

Marketing continues to change for the health and wellness industry as new ways to engage with members and potential members emerge and existing methods change....